How to block PetalBot using Cloudflare

PetalBot is a website crawling bot of the Petal search engine. I have recently noticed in one of the news websites that I manage started getting a large number of requests from the bot. It kept getting worse, to the point that it started increasing the server load. So, I finally had to block the

Cloud Server

How to restore the real IP address of the visitor if your web application is behind Cloudflare

If your web application is behind Cloudflare and you try to access the IP address of the visitor in your application, it will always show Cloudflare IP addresses, to fix this, you need to replace the Cloudflare IP address with the real IP address of the respective visitor. Cloudflare IP addresses : First of all,

WordPress Security

5 Simple rules in Cloudflare to Secure your WordPress website

You can add an extra layer of security to your WordPress website using the Cloudflare service. Here is a list of rules that you can apply to your website in Cloudflare settings to improve security. Secure WordPress login page and administrator section Secure WordPress admin and login URL from bot attacks by making sure that