Comments Functions

Remove website field from comment form to reduce spam

Spammers love WordPress comment forms. They use bots that automatically post spam comments with malicious links in hundreds of websites. Their goal is to gain SEO juice out of your site. But what if there is a way to discourage them from using such tools on your website? Its simple, we can disable the website

Website Set up Plugins

How to change WordPress login URL

By default, WordPress website login url is wp-login.php. For example, if your WordPress website url is, then the website login is going to be WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS in the world. And hackers are always trying to attack as many sites as they can by performing many types of


How to create a short code to display recent posts

You may want to display most recent posts of your website in your WordPress website post or page. You can achieve that creating a custom WordPress shortcode. Let me first explain what is a WordPress shortcode and how it works. What is a WordPress shortcode? WordPress Shortcode is a feature defined in WordPress core that

General Website Set up

How to install Google Analytics in your WordPress website

You just got your new WordPress website up and running? Great. Now, do you know whats the most important thing you should do first? It would be best if you considered implementing a visitor tracking code to measure the traffic or number of visits your site gets. Google Analytics is one of the most popular