How to fix Mixed Content Warnings in WordPress Website

Do you see a Mixed Content Warning on your WordPress site, in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser? This error means your website is trying load files from both HTTPS and HTTP protocol. Implementation of the HTTPS protocol is the new standard for websites. It would be best if you always load all of your website files, including every image, JavaScript files, Stylesheets through HTTPS Protocol. Therefore, you have to correct all the http urls to https, and that will fix the error.

Mixed Content Errors shown in Google Chrome Error Console.
Notice the lock icon before the url in the address bar.

What causes Mixed Content Warning?

The warning is typically caused by any unsecure resources used in your site, for example, an image (png, jpg, gif ) or a video file embedded, or any external/internal JS scripts files or any external/internal stylesheet files. As a result, the browser cannot show the secure lock until we fix the resource url with a secure one.

How to fix Mixed Content Warning quickly

  1. Replace http: to https: in WordPress website database
    You might have images, icons or other types of files, that are referenced from your theme settings or post and page content which have http in url. To fix this, you have to find and replace all http: to https: by using a plugin. We recommend Better Search and Replace plugin for replacing any values in the database. 
  2. Replace http: to https: in active WordPress theme
    Check if your website still shows the Mixed Content Warning. If you still see some warnings, find out the origin of the files, which are causing the errors. Some of them might have referenced directly in your theme ( mostly old themes or custom themes may have this issue). In that case, we have to jump into the code or theme files and replace all http urls to https manually.
  3. Fix Mixed Content Warnings quickly using Really Simple SSL Plugin
    I recommend trying this method only and only if you have completed the first two methods i had described above and still see the warning messages.

    Install Really Simple SSL plugin and activate it. After activation, on the screen click “Go Ahead. Activate SSL!” button.

    That’s it. Now test your site, and the error should have been fixed already. This plugin adds HTTPS to all the resources, making them secure.

I hope this WordPress tip has helped you, fixing the Mixed Content Error on your WordPress site or blog. If this was helpful, leave a comment or share it, and if you are still facing any issues, write in the comment section, i will be glad to help you out.

By A. Niraj Kumar

Niraj Kumar, is a Senior WordPress Professional & SEO strategist working on WP since last 12 years. While not building websites, he rides bike, watches movies and spends time with family.

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