Comment form output changes in WP 4.4

Comment Form Output

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This morning I received an email from Core informing me that in WP 4.4 the comment form output changes.

Instead of first having the visitor fill in name, address and optional website, it first shows the actual comment area.

As you might know, I always run nightly builds on WP TIPS, so you can as a matter of fact already see this in action on the site.

So, after reading the email, I immediately headed over to see whether I would need to adjust any of my coding to make it work.

Fortunately all is good and if you’d ask me, I think it looks pretty neat. If you’re a theme developer or build WordPress websites for clients, then you might want to check this before WP 4.4 is released.

Maybe you want to leave a comment to share how it is to actually use it?

Read the announcement over at