Website Speed Optimization

How to serve WebP images dynamically in RunCloud using EWWW Image Optimizer plugin

You can use EWWW Image Optimizer plugin to serve WebP images on your website. But you will have to implement some Nginx configurations in your RunCloud server to be able to achieve it. Follow the instructions below. Select your server and go to the Web Application page that you want to implement the WebP configuration


CartFlows overwrites some WooCommerce templates and here is how you can overwrite them

Recently, I got a request to add additional text under the product name on the checkout page. It seemed an easy job. All I had to do was create a file at woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php in, the active theme’s directory. But it didn’t work. Because the CartFlow plugin was overwriting some WooCommerce templates. List of WooCommerce templates

WordPress Security

5 Simple rules in Cloudflare to Secure your WordPress website

You can add an extra layer of security to your WordPress website using the Cloudflare service. Here is a list of rules that you can apply to your website in Cloudflare settings to improve security. Secure WordPress login page and administrator section Secure WordPress admin and login URL from bot attacks by making sure that


How to hide tagline in Twenty Twenty theme and other WordPress themes

There is no option to hide the tagline or site description in the Twenty Twenty theme. You can follow the steps below to hide the tagline. Step 1: Go to Customize under Appearance Step 2: Go to the Additional CSS section & add the following CSS code. After adding the code, you will have to

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

How to check if the current page is an AMP page in WordPress

If you are using an AMP-compatible theme and using the AMP plugin for AMP implementation, then sometimes you may need to check if the current page is an AMP page request or a normal page request. AMP plugin has a built-in function that you can use to do just that. Its amp_is_request(). This function allows


Top 13 Best free WordPress plugins for your website in 2021

WordPress is a wonderful open-source CMS with a lot of useful features. But another reason why WordPress is considered awesome is because of the huge set of free plugins and themes offered by developers all around the globe to help anyone get started with their website. Building your own website has never been this easy.

Progressive Web App(PWA)

How to integrate OneSignal with PWA plugin in WordPress

If you are using the PWA plugin on your website, you may have to do a few changes to the website to get OneSignal push notifications to work properly. PWA implementation needs adding a service worker to the site. OneSingal also needs to have service worker implementation so that, it can allow users to subscribe

Progressive Web App(PWA)

How to add short-name to PWA & fix “Web App Manifest lacks a short name entry”

If you are implementing Progressive Web App(PWA) in your WordPress website, make sure that you have a short-name field added to the manifest file. If your WordPress site doesn’t have the short name of your PWA, the site health report in your website will have a “Web App Manifest lacks a short name entry in


How to fix: Native Lazy loading of iframe or image not working

You can add loading=”lazy” attribute to any image, iframe tag element in your HTML code to enable native lazy loading feature. But it sometimes, may not work. There is one simple but important factor listed below, that you need to keep in mind to make sure that it works perfectly. You have to add proper

Filter Shortcode

How to execute shortcode in any string or custom field in WordPress

You can use WordPress filter the_content and apply it to any string or custom field data to display its HTML content as well as render or execute any shortcode in it. Here is a code snippet, where a string with some HTML content and a shortcode in it. The above code will not just display