Comment form output changes in WP 4.4


As you might know, I always run nightly builds on WP TIPS, so you can as a matter of fact already see the WP 4.4 comment form output in action on the site.

Background Image Blur


Today I found an easy way to add a background image blur to an element and I won’t be limited to photos from Unsplash.

No more comments


At long last I have just read something positive coming to WordPress 4.3.

WordPress Theme Review

Although I am not interested in submitting soblossom for release on the official Theme Repository, I actually was very curious about the quality of my code and whether or not I had truly followed the Theme Review Guidelines.

Remove WPML 3.1.7 Renew Nag


The brand new WP_Installer class is a massive improvement, but on the plugins page the main plugin and all the addons are showing a red renew nag.