After a few years now of website development, the time has come that we finally can give something back to the community.

Nowadays we develop most of our websites with WordPress that over the years has grown from traditional blogging software into a full-blown professional CMS platform, with endless possibilities.

The community around WordPress – on forums and special interest groups such as LinkedIn and WordPress Answers – is amazing and a great source of information and support. Most of this support is given free of charge in people’s free time and is of course much appreciated by everyone.

We have sort of grown with WordPress and have learned many things that before we didn’t even know were possible. As you can understand we keep a long list of bookmarks to various sites where we have found useful tips, hacks, workarounds and whatnot.

But it is always a pain to find stuff back in your bookmarks; that is why we decided to dedicate a website to the most generally useful WordPress Tips; WP TIPS was born!

Some of the WP Tips we post on this website may already be familiar to you, others may not yet be and perhaps you even have better Tips that you would like to share with us!

We hope you enjoy our website WPTI.PS!

About Piet Bos

WPTIPS is an initiative of Piet Bos. Piet has been developing websites since 2004 and working with WordPress since 2006. Piet was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has been living in Beijing, China since 1998 with a brief 2 year intermezzo in Valencia, Spain (2008-2010). You can find out more information about Piet Bos via the following Social Media Profiles.